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8 Compartment Meal Tray for Thali Dishes

Posted: Thursday, January 29, 2015 - 9:34AM

This 8-compartment Thali tray offers a...

This 8-compartment Thali tray offers a combination of functionality and attractive value for the Indian take-away restaurant owner. True to its roots, the Thali tray makes it easier to provide your clients with a sumptuous spread of your restaurant’s finest dishes. Plus, this tray marries the Thali plate, central to traditional Indian cuisine, with a forward-thinking attitude towards responsibly sourced and user-friendly materials.

The 8-compartment tray is first being made available in PP (polypropylene), with a secondary CPET tray planned for later in the year. Starting in the first quarter of 2015, restaurant owners can order PP food trays for their take-away Thali dishes. PP, widely used in food packaging where the meal can be reheated in a microwave, is a tried-and-true material for sturdy food trays. You can count on it to withstand the creamiest of curries and, with sealable film for both our Classic and Model II tray sealers, you can rely on all of your mouth-watering sauces staying in their assigned spots.

Manual tray sealers are easy-to-use, letting you simply serve up each Thali plate and then quickly seal on the lidding film for a tight, leakproof seal.

Beginning in late 2015, restaurant owners can alternately opt for our CPET food trays, bringing together the ancient tradition of the Thali plate and the benefits of a dual ovenable material. CPET food trays have been used in various areas of the food and hospitality industry for decades. For the Thali plate, these trays are excellent at keeping various ingredients separate. Plus, CPET is microwave and even oven-ready, meaning that your customers can easily reheat their leftovers – in the unlikely chance that any remain. As with the PP Thali tray, the CPET trays will also be sealable by the same spill-proof manual tray sealers, making it easy to keep your clients satisfied.

In addition to the range of trays which CiMa-Pak currently offers our customers, the new 8-compartment Thali tray will be a benefit to those customers providing any kind of Thali meal. With eight separated sections, it’s easy to arrange either vegetable or meat-based Thali dishes with rice, dal, vegetables, papad, roti, naan, yogurt, chutney, and any other house specialties you wish to showcase. For simpler Thali plates, you can “double up”, filling two sections with the same dish. For more elaborate plates, you can devote all eight sections to dal, vegetables and other juicier selections, while packing roti, rice, onions, etc. in separate CIMa-Pak CPET trays alongside the main meal.
8 Compartment Thali Tray