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Linea 380 SAP

The Linea 380 SAP is an in-line, automatic food tray sealer. This machine is completely made of Stainless Steel. It has a simple to use pre-programmable control panel with automatic feeding of the trays and rewinding of the film. Simply place meal-filled trays into the moulds on the conveyor and the rest of the sealing is done for you!

For this machine, you can have a mould made for up to 2 trays per cycle. This depends on the size of your tray.
- 1 Tray - 310 x 210 x 90mm (12.2" x 8.3" x 3.5")
- 2 Trays - 150 x 210 x 90mm (6" x 8.3" x 3.5")

Or, we can also make the mould for bowls:
- 1 Bowl - 210mm Ø
- 2 Bowls - 145mm Ø

Tool changes are extremely easy with the Linea 380, giving you the versatility to seal multiple different styles of trays to suit all your food packaging needs.

Typical Applications

Ideal for packaging ready meals, meats, fish, sea foods and salads where production demands are high.


- Extra Tool
- System for pre-printed film usage
- Remote maintenance integrated mobile
- Conveyor Belt
- Tray Denester
- Multiple moulds available for different tray styles


Machine Dimensions: 1750 x 740 x 1450mm (69" x 29" x 57")
Machine Weight: 606 lbs (211 kg)
Max Roll Width: 465mm (19")
Voltage: 220V
Output: 12 cycles/min

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