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Compostable Food Trays for today's market

Our 1, 2 and 3 compartment Compostable trays are ideal for takeaway packaging and ready meal packaging. Reheating is easily done in a microwave or conventional oven for foods that are fresh, frozen or prepared. Our compostable trays can be easily sealed on either our manual tray sealers, automatic tray sealers, skin packaging machines or MAP packaging machines.

Features to be considered:
• Freezer to oven (dual ovenable) between -40°C and 150°C
• Easy to open
• Sealed compostable trays are 100% leak proof
• As with all of our trays a heat sealed tray is a tamper evident tray
• Our 4OK Series trays are 100% compostable (Yes there is no need to remove the liner) and, therefore, can be disposed of with organic waste creating a quality compost.
• Prolonged shelf life

Meal packaging has never been so easy!

Typical Applications

Compostable versus Biodegradable:
A biodegradable product is one that is broken down by the action of microorganisms or bacteria that are present in nature. A compostable product, in addition to being bio-ready, ends up being fertilizer or “compost” that can be used as a natural fertilizer.

Everything compostable is also biodegradable, however all biodegradable do not have to be compostable.