CPET Trays & Containers for Ready Meal Packaging

Our 1, 2 and 3 compartment C-PET trays are ideal for takeaway packaging and ready meal packaging. Reheating is easily done in a microwave or conventional oven for foods that are fresh, frozen or prepared. Food packaging containers, whether they are CPET trays or APET trays, can be easily sealed on either our manual tray sealers, automatic tray sealers, skin packaging machines or MAP packaging machines.

The tray sealing works to prolong the shelf life of food, all while giving your product a great presentation. Working as disposable food containers, these plastic food trays and 100% recyclable. Also important to note, 70% of their material comes from previously recycled plastic water bottles.

Features to be considered:
• Suitable for temperatures (dual ovenable) between -40°C and 200°C
• Knife and grease resistant
• Easy to open
• Sealed CPET trays are 100% leak proof
• Recyclable
• Prolonged shelf life

Meal packaging has never been so easy!
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Typical Applications

CiMa-Pak's CPET meal trays are the perfect food packaging for:
- Prepared foods, ready to eat meals takeaway meals
- Frozen food
- Fresh food
- Kosher meals (We carry the high temperature bag for these trays to be used in a non Kosher oven)
- Hot food
- Cold food
- Meals on Wheels packaging

Foods can be top sealed for freshness or vacuum tray sealed in a modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) for a longer shelf life.

They can also be used for the packaging of pharmaceutical instrument kits.


• There are many styles of CPET trays available from CiMa-Pak (visit our CPET and APET Tray Search for more information).
• Stock line where the minimum order is 1 box.
• High volume line where minimum order varies from 10,000 and up, depending on the tray.


CPET provides an excellent barrier against oxygen, water, carbon dioxide and nitrogen.