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Unica 20 - Semiautomatic Vacuum tray sealer

Starting From: $14,000.00
PLEASE NOTE: That the video shows the Unica 20 with the optional skin feature. Otherwise the Unica 20 is a MAP or seal only system.

If you are starting up a new project and want to package your product with either an ambient seal, modified atmosphere (MAP) or vacuum skin pack (See also Unica Skin), then the Unica 20 is the ideal system for you.

The Unica 20 was designed for growing businesses that require a robust and affordable solution for tray sealing. It is the ideal packaging option for a wide variety of applications such as takeaway meal containers, retail grab trays or frozen vacuum or skin pack CPET trays.

The Unica 20 tray sealing machine produces quality packaging with a level of repeatability and reliability only found in much more expensive units.

As an added benefit, when the time comes to upgrade to a larger and faster system, most customers retain their Unica 20 for pro-typing and short runs.

Typical Applications

1) Meal-filled trays are placed into tooling/drawer.
2) The drawer is pushed into closed position
3) Once the drawer is closed the process begins as follows:
a) The preset vacuum (if selected) is pulled
b) A gas is injected (if selected) to the preset level
c) The tray is then sealed and the film is diecut around the tray
4) The cycle is complete and the drawer is opened.

Tooling Setup:

2171 Series - 2 trays
2187 Series - 2 trays
2200 Series - 1 tray
2208 Series - 1 tray
2227 Series - 1 tray


- Silent compressed air generator (inside the stainless steel cabinet) with air tank (5 l) for SG2-SAP, SG400-SAP and "MICRA" series, for thermosealing machines "UNICA" and "TVG" series (inside the machine body)
- 40 m³/h pump


• Machine dimensions: 18" x 32" x 51" / 450 x 800 x 1290 mm
• Weight: 125 kg / 275 lbs
• Max. tray dimensionst: 12.4" x 10.25" x 4.00" (315 x 260 x 100 mm)
• Max. top film width: 13.4" / 340 mm
• Max. top film diameter: 9.8" / 250 mm
• Max. core top film diameter: 2.95" / 75 mm
• Compressed Air: 85 PSI - 6 Bar
• Vacuum pump: 20 m³/h Busch
• Power supply: 220V-1-60Hz
• Power Consumption: 1.5 kW
• Cycle time: Depends on method of packaging and levels