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This section shows our Tray Skin Packaging Systems. Please contact us with any application which you may have. Currently we are working on a new Tray Skin Oven Packaging process.
Features - The Structure is Stainless Steel - Digital Vacuometer - Digital Control Panel with 25 programs - Vacuum by percentage and time - Manual lowering of the hood - Busch vacuum pump 25m³ / h - Capacity for 8 trays in one cycle (Depending on your tray selection) - Film Width: 17" (430mm) - Die-Cut ...
This is a Maxi Machine. It has Vacuum and Gas capabilities. It comes from Frimaq. It is amazing to package meals. It is very simple to use.
The benefit of vacuum skin packaging (VSP) equipment is easy to understand. The film is pulled down tight around a product creating what is commonly referred to as a second skin around the shape of a product. With the TSA 626 Vacuum Tray Skin Packaging system the customer typically places the product into a tray (Please...
This shows our TSA 626 Vacuum Tray Skin System.