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TSA 626 Automatic Tray Vacuum Skin Packaging System

The benefit of vacuum skin packaging (VSP) equipment is easy to understand. The film is pulled down tight around a product creating what is commonly referred to as a second skin around the shape of a product.
With the TSA 626 Vacuum Tray Skin Packaging system the customer typically places the product into a tray (Please see trays in our Tray Search Section), the trays are placed into the infeed rails, the tray is then moved into the sealing section where the skin film is heated and then the skin film is drawn tight to the product by drawing air out of the package through the use of a vacuum (we use only Busch vacuum pimps).

- The main function of vacuum skin packaging (VSP) is to extend product shelf life. Other benefits include liquid retention and enhancement of product appearance through the use of specially designed top films.
- Quick tool change = new size, shape, material
- Fast change over permits many packaging formats on one machine
- Short down time to change between formats
- Easy to use range of pre-made trays in numerous materials :
- Vacuum skin process (VSP) giving second skin effect
- Excellent customer presentation
- Shelf Life Improvement means less food being wasted because it has passed the best before date

Colour Touch Screen Panel 5.7”
Stainless Steel Build AISI 304
Vacuum by either MBARS or Time
Film Advancement by two synchronized motors
Film drive: Either by length or Optional Eye Mark

Typical Applications


Maximum Tray Dimensions:
1 Tray – 13.00” x 16.125”
2 Trays – 13.00” x 7.50”
3 Trays – 13.00” x 4.70”
4 Trays – 13.00” x 3.25”
5 Trays – 13.00” x 2.40”


Machine Dims: 133” x 40” x 62”
Maximum Tray Depth: 4.00”
Maximum Product Height above tray: 0.75”
Maximum Roll Width: 20.5”
Electrical Requirement: 220-240 V - 3 phase – 50/60 HZ
Pneumatic Requirement: 85 PSI

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