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Mobile M2 - Vacuum Chamber

The Mobile M2 Vacuum Chamber is a stainless steel, midsize, floor standing model with domed plexi-lid and two seal-bars ideal for multiple smaller packages.

19.7" x 20.5" x 8.6" (500 x 520 x 220 mm)
2 x 20.5" (2 x 520 mm)

Standard with double seal or trim seal
Standard with 40m³ vacuum pump.

Transparent lid for easy visibility of the product
Easy to clean, round corners
Sealbeams and silicone are easily removable

Typical Applications

Popular in butcher shops, restaurants, hotel kitchens, hospitals, caterers and the food processing industry.


- 2 filler plates (each 20mm)
- Spare parts kit
- 1 or 10 programs
- Sensor
- Soft air
- Pump capacity: 63 m³
- Gas flush
- Double, 1-2 OR Trim sealing


• Useful Chamber dimensions: 19.7" x 20.4" x 8.6" (500 x 520 x 220 mm)
• Seal length: 2 x 20.5" (2 x 520 mm)
• Seal configuration: S&S (Side by side)
• Cycle time*: 25-35 sec.
• Voltage: 220-230-1-60Hz
• Vacuum pump: 40m³
• Machine dimensions: 28.1" x 28.1" x 40.2" (715 x 715 x 1020 mm)
• Weight: 120 kg
• UL/CSA approved

*Cycle time is influenced by many factors such as: product size and type, vacuum level and whether or not the product is being gas flushed.

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