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VasiVac Jar Sealer - Tabletop Vacuum Packaging

The VasiVac Screw Top Vacuum System is a quick, efficient way to pull a vacuum on glass and plastic containers when it is not practical to use a larger system or a system which involves heat. This is a manual system.

The Operation is Simple:
1) The glass jar, with the twist-off cap loosely placed, is placed under the Plexiglas Bell
2) The Start button is pushed
3) Once the vacuum level is reached the Stop button is placed
4) The Plexiglas Bell is remove and your glass jar is now vacuumed

Typical Applications



MACHINES DIMENSIONS: 12" x 15.75"x H23" (300x400xh580mm)
VACUUM PUMP: 3 Cubic Meter
WEIGHT: 66 lbs. (30 kg)
MAXIMUM CONTAINER DIMENSION: 7.00" (180 MM) Diameter x 11.375" (290 MM) High

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