Other Packaging

Impact, tilt and temperature indicators make up the extensive line of Shockwatch products designed to encourage better handling of your products during warehousing and transportation. Introducing the NEW Shockwatch 2 impact indicators.
ShockWatch recorders are designed to monitor and record impacts and temperature during the transportation, storage, and usage of products and equipment.
• Tightly overwraps any product • Can bundle products together • Keeps product clean and tamperproof
One Step Shrink Wrappers are the ideal machines for small and growing businesses. The machines are very versatile and require only one operator. They take up less space, make less noise, and are more energy efficient.
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CiMa-Pak carries a series of L-Bar sealers that can be used as stand alone machines to seal products into loose bags or coupled with shrink tunnels in order to make the system complete. Our line of shrink tunnels all incorporate the latest energy saving and performance enhancing technology while remaining easy to use.
Where shrink wrapping speed, automation and integration into your production line is the objective, then the FP6000 and FP8000 series of L-Bars and Tunnels will help.
Fully-automated L-Sealer
From direct mail packaging to the polybagging of magazines, catalogues wrapping paper and other products such as CDs and video games, the CiMa-Pak Poly Bagging Systems are designed to be flexible & user-friendly.
Protect your products and equipment from corrosion during storage or shipping using our custom made to measure BigBags with desiccants, corrosion inhibitors and humidity indicators.
We can make custom made big bags for export shipment.  All of our bags are made from foil laminated material to mil specification.
CiMa-Pak offers a selection of sealing film and vacuum bags that function with all of our machines and that are sure to satisfy your demands when it comes to the packaging of your various products.
Count paper and/or tab batches of paper fast and accurately with the Countwise and Bantam Paper counters or the Shooter II tabber.
Heat sealers available in a variety of types and sizes to reliably seal bags of any kind.