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Count paper and/or tab batches of paper fast and accurately with the Countwise and Bantam Paper counters or the Shooter II tabber.
The Max-Bantam paper counter ensures fast and accurate counting and tabbing with speeds up to 2000 sheets per minute, giving you the quantity control you need to maximize efficiency and profit. - Tab Insertion from 5 to 999 sheets - Counting surface: 15" x 18" (380mm x 457mm) - Six-digit batch counter and...
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The Count-Wise 1 offers accurate counting and tabbing at speeds necessary for higher volume applications. - Counting speeds up to 2500 CPM (counts per minute) - Tab Insertion from 3 to 9999 - Six-digit batch counter and totalizer - Large electronic displays (LED) - Solid State electronics - Plug-in components - Low...
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The Shooter-IIB is designed to provide fast, accurate tab insertions at high speeds. The tabber can be mounted to your equipment or be free standing for mobility. The Shooter-IIB accurately inserts paper tabs into the receding delivery pile of sheeters, presses, paper board machines and paper converting equipment. The...
Shooter IIB Tabber