Special Dietary Packaging

CiMa-Pak has the answer to your specific dietary packaging requirements with our CiMa-HiHeat resistant bags. Typically Kosher meals that will be served/reheated in a non Kosher kitchen have come overwrapped (creating a double wrap) to prevent any inadvertent contact with non kosher residual products. In the past foil has been the solution. Opening foil can require some skill as it can be messy and hot. Furthermore foil does not lend itself to being reheated in a microwave.

An additional consideration to ensure compliance to Kosher requirement is that there be a full proof seal which clearly shows when the overwrap has been opened. This is achieved by sealing our CiMa-HiHeat bags with one of our economical heat sealers. Once sealed, access to the enclosed meal is either by cutting or tearing the seal.

Whether you are catering Kosher meals, reheating a meal in a non-Kosher oven or making Kosher deliveries, our CiMa-HiHeat resistant bags will ensure that your product remains protected from any form of cross-contamination, from the oven to the fridge.
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