Poly Motor Jaw Sealer

The Poly Motor Jaw Sealer is a versatile, motorized constant heat sealing machine that provides either continuous automatic or intermittent stop/start cycling with the flip of a switch. In the automatic mode, up to 30 packages per minute can be sealed. In the intermittent mode, the machine can be controlled by foot-pedal stop/start cycling.

In both modes, dwell time and pressure are machine-controlled for uniformity. The heated upper jaw and unheated lower jaw are both covered with a bar cover to ensure instant seal release.

- Heavy duty upper heating jaw provides durability and consistent sealing
- Gear motor driven ensures repeatability of pressure
- Flat sealing impression
- Stainless steel finger guards built to OSHA specs.
- Teflon bar cover
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Typical Applications

Semi automatic bag sealer. Can seal up to 30 bags per minute on automatic cycling. Can expect 15 bags per minute under normal operation. The machine can also be operated with a foot activated switch for single bag operation. Dwell control is recommended, but is also available without dwell control. The gear motor drive gives repeatability of pressure and dwell.


- Adjustable dwell time for sealing 3mil or more
- Universal stand of powder coated metal
- 30 degree inclined mounting with base
- Voltage: 220V, 60 cycles, 1 phase AC
- Different sealing widths available on request


- Seal lengths: 12", 15" or 19" (305mm, 380mm or 482mm)
- Seal width: 1/8" or 3/8" (3mm or 9mm)
- Adjustable temperature range: Up tp 290ºC / 550ºF
- Sealing capacity: 0mil to 3mil
- Sealing capacity with dwell: 3mil or more
- Output (with intermittent cycle): 10-15 bags per min.
- Voltage: 110V
- Machine dimensions: 18" x 16" x 13" (457mm x 406mm x 330mm)
- Weight: 27lbs. (12.2 kg)