Desi Pak - Desiccant packs

Desiccant is designed to adsorb the moisture from the air that remains inside an enclosure to ensure a dry environment for your product. This prevents any emergence of mould, mildew, or corrosion by eliminating the moisture from inside the package.

- A unit of desiccant is the quantity of desiccant required to meet the military specification for desiccant performance. Under this specification, a unit is the quantity of desiccant which adsorbs 3 grams of water vapour at 20% relative humidity or 6 grams of water vapour at 40% relative humidity. A unit of Clay is typically 33 grams. A unit of Silica Gel is typically 28 grams.

- The desiccant used is primarily montmorillonite clay but they are also available with silica gel.
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Typical Applications

Desiccant is used when packaging electronics, aerospace and military machinery, and many more products.


- Available sizes: 1/6, 1/3, 1/2, 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 16 or 80 unit

** Desiccant combined with humidity indicating cards and vapour barrier bags (BigBags) makes for a perfectly dry environment for your product.


- Meets MIL-D-3464, Type I & II
- Desiccant material: Clay and silica gel
- Substrates:
Tyvek (1/6-16 units) (FDA Approved)
Kraft (1/6-4 units)
Sewn Bags (8-80 units)
- Packaged: 5 gallon pail (1/6-2 units) or 30 gallon drum (1-80 units)