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Vappro - Corrosion Inhibitors

Vappro foam emitters are volatile corrosion inhibitors (VCI). The principle behind the Vappro VCI emitters is to protect metals from corrosion over an extended period of time without having to apply or remove coatings.

Typical Applications

Vappro 01, 05 and 10 VCI Foam Emitters are a volatile corrosion inhibitor impregnated foam. This V.C.I. foam emitter is particularly suitable for corrosion protection of enclosures holding electrical gear, relays, contactors, switches, electronic assemblies and connectors.


Three sizes:
Vappro 01 foam emitter: corrosion protection for up to a 1 cubic foot enclosure.
Vappro 05 foam emitter: corrosion protection for up to a 5 cubic foot enclosure.
Vappro 10 foam emitter: corrosion protection for up to a 10 cubic foot enclosure.


- Vappro 5 available in boxes of 24 emitters.
- Vappro 10 available in boxes of 12 emitters.
- Simple, long term corrosion control

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