TiltWatch XTR & TiltWatch Plus

ShockWatch Tiltwatch XTR and Tiltwatch Plus are designed to monitor tilting on goods that must remain upright during the shipping and handling process.

• Detect and record unacceptable tilting on goods that must remain upright. Tiltwatch XTR has serial numbers for tamper evidence.
• Simple, cost-efficient and highly effective, they provide visual deterrents to unacceptable handling.
• Removal of the adhesive backing automatically activates the devices. The self-stick backing utilizes the most aggressive 5 mil acrylic adhesive available, creating a permanent bond on all but the roughest containers, ensuring that once applied, the device cannot be reset, and the product cannot be tipped without indisputable evidence of mishandling.
• A reliable and affordable solution to monitoring and controlling the shipping attitude of heavy machinery, large computers, electronic panels, cut flowers, batteries, liquids, glass and a host of other products.

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Typical Applications

Featured Applications:
Commercial appliances, Large computer rack systems, Telecommunications equipment, Compressors, Industrial batteries, Hazmat containers, Electronic cabinets, Automotive parts, Water treatment equipment. …and much more.


TiltWatch XTR: Is a single use tilt indicator activating and indicating red when a package is tilted to more than 80 degrees. Each indicator has a unique serial number for tamper evidence.

TiltWatch Plus: This single use variation of the original TiltWatch Label has three separate indicators that register the exact amount of tilt the package has endured. It activates at 30 degrees of tilt or more.

• TitWatch Companion Label: By adding a TiltWatch companion label, all handlers are instantly aware that the product is being monitored and alerts the receiver of what to do if the TiltWatch has been triggered.


Tiltwatch XTR 100 /box
Tiltwatch Plus 50 /box

TiltWatch XTR:

Activation Angle: 80° ±5° from vertical
Monitoring Range: Single plane
Adhesive: 2 mil high tack acrylic
Humidity Tolerance: 5% to 99% noncondensing
Temperature Tolerance: -40°F to 140°F / -40°C to 60°C
Composition: Rigid polystyrene housing with non-magnetic steel indicator
Arming: Arms coincident with removal of adhesive liner
Size: 2.92in x 2.37in x 0.21in / 74.27mm x 60.31mm x 5.29mm
Installation: Pressure-sensitive adhesive or holes to accommodate screws, nails, or staples
Adhesive Shelf Life: 2 years

TiltWatch Plus:

Activation Angle: 10° increments from 30° axis (±5°)
First Activation: 30° from vertical
Accuracy: +/-5°
Monitoring Range: Single plane and rollover
Adhesive: 1 mil high tack acrylic
Humidity Tolerance: 5% to 99% noncondensing
Temperature Tolerance: -40°C to 60°C / -40°F to 140°F
Composition: Clear PTE housing and plastic indicator
Size: 4.6in x 4.6in x 0.3in / 116.84mm x 116.84mm x 7.62mm
Installation: Pressure-sensitive adhesive exposed when liner and arming pin are peeled away
Adhesive Shelf Life: 12 months (before application)

TiltWatch and TiltWatch Plus feature a simple one step application. Removing the adhesive backing automatically activates the devices. Once activated the TiltWatch and TiltWatch Plus cannot be reset. Both the TiltWatch and Tiltwatch Plus are tamper-proof once applied.