FP6000CS - Fully Automatic Center Sealing System

The FP6000CS is a fully automated L-sealer that seals polyolefins and polyethylene films.

• Can be combined with the T450 or T650 Shrink Tunnels.
• Conveyor closing system included in the machine price
• Motorized center seal system
• Teflon-coated sealing blade
• Continuous cycle sealing
• Alphanumeric LCD control panel with microprocessor and solid state relays that allow a simple and precise control of all the machine operations, such as:
- the storing of up to 20 different operation programs
- automatic control of the sealing bar height
- double adjustment of the sealing blade temperature, both length and width
- packing single packs or multipacks
- speed of conveyors electronically adjustable from the control panel
- process statistics:
- piece counter
- measurement of the pack length
- real-time output
- control of irregular packs

*Shown here with T452 shrink tunnel
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Typical Applications

Shrinkwrapping sealer and tunnel is used to package almost any product to prevent tampering, to keep the product clean, to extend shelf life minimally and to protect the product. Products include, media, printed materials, industrial goods of any shape and food products with the optional inox system.

The center sealer alone can be used to pack loosely into polyethylene soft items such as magazines, clothing like bathrobes for hotels or T-Shirts.


- Stainless steel
- Shrink Tunnel
- Eye-mark reader for printed film
- In-flow and out-flow photocells
- Film that can be used: Polyolefins and Polyethylene


- Maximum product height: 7.8" (200mm)
- Sealbar dimensions:** 25.1" x 20" (640mm x 510mm)
- Output: up to 50 wraps/ minute
- Voltage: 220V 1PH - 60Hz
- Machine dimensions: 85.8" x 60.8" x 60-65" (2180mm x 1545mm x 1525-1655mm)
- Weight: 1675 lbs. (760 kg)
- Compressed air pressure: 6 bar

**On products reaching maximum size samples are required for testing.
*Pictured with T452 Shrink Tunnel