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Shockwatch Impact Label

Shockwatch impact indicating labels are a precision impact detection device that senses and indicates the magnitude of a shock.
They detect impacts from almost all directions.
They help to draw the line of responsibility therefore reducing liabilities due to damage.
Features a tiny liquid-filled glass tube housed in a self-adhesive label. If your product is dropped or mishandled, the liquid in the tube changes immediately from clear to bright red.

Here are the reasons why businesses are using our ShockWatch Impact Indicators:

1) Prevents damage and reduces costs by encouraging careful handling throughout the system of transport and warehousing.
2) Transfers responsibility of product damage to participants handling your product(s)
3) Increases gross margin by reducing unwarranted warranty claims
4) Reduces possibility of over packaging product(s)
5) Enhances the perception of your product to your customers
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Typical Applications

Featured Applications:
Automotive components, commercial appliances, semiconductor devices, computer hard drives, lab equipment, storage media, glass products, electronics, furniture, ...and much more


• Determine your package dimensions and weight and consult the table in the PDF to know which ShockWatch label is right for you.
• Minimum order: 1 box of 50.

Shockwatch Companion Labels: Increase the visibility of the impact indicator and give instructions to the receiver in multiple languages of what to do to receive the product in case of activated label upon receipt.

Alert Tape: Yellow Shockwatch Alert tape is available to add further to the visibility that the package is being monitored.

Some Shockwatch labels are available in both French and English.


The heavier the package, the lower the g-level required.

3.8" x 3.8" (Label)
96.52mm x 96.52mm

Available Sensitivities:
L65 = Yellow = 25g
L55 = Purple = 37g
L47 = Red = 50g
L35 = Orange = 75g
L30 = Green = 100g

Single impact

Duration ranges:
0.5ms - 50ms


Operating temperature:
-13F/-25°C - 176F/80°C

Shelf life:
2 years from date of sale when stored at standard temperature and pressure