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T650 - Shrink Tunnel

This single-chamber shrink tunnel incorporates the latest energy saving and performance enhancing technology. In order to obtain your desired shrink, the T650 has adjustable conveyor speeds and temperature controls.

• Maximum pack height: 11" (280mm)
• Equipped with alphanumeric LCD control panel with microprocessor and solid state relays that allow a simple and precise control of all the machine operations, such as:
- adjustment of the tunnel conveyor speed
- adjustment of the tunnel shrinking temperature
- possibility of scheduling up to 10 different work cycles
• Tunnel conveyor with idle or turning rollers covered in silicone
• Automatic turn-off of the tunnel
• Tunnel air-flow adjustable by flaps
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Typical Applications

Combine with FP870A to complete the shrinkwrapping system.


- Outlet conveyor with idle rollers 39"
- Films that can be used: PVC, Polyolefins and Polyethylene


- Voltage: 220V, 3Ph
- Adjustable conveyor speed (1.8m/min to 12.4m/min)
- Machine dimensions: 53.5" x 42.9" x 61.6" (1360 x 1045 x 1565 mm)
- Weight: 530 lbs (241 kg)
- Maximum pack height: 11" (280mm)