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The SVR is a semi-automatic vacuum/MAP sealing machine for preformed trays in PP, PS, PET, AL, ect. This SVR has a mould made specifically for any of the Cube Packaging DR-5 trays. Important features to consider: • Teflon coated sealing plate • Profile cutting to the tray size • Digital temperature...
Finger chain conveyor, regular driven, including side guides Usable length of chain: 78.750” Working height: 33.500” +/- 2” Total length of chain: 94.500” Table width: approx. 15.750” 2. Packaging machine Item 2.1 1 HUGO BECK FLEXO 500 S HORIZONTAL FORM, FILL AND SEAL AUTOMATIC...
This PDF shows the demo Fully Automatic Shrink System that we have for sale.  Please contact us for more information and pricing.