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Shockwatch Mag 2000

-The Shockwatch MAG 2000 impact indicator is a cost-efficient, reusable, resettable and tamper-proof device that monitors the handling of fragile goods and freight containers greater than 5000 lbs.

  • Utilizes two highly sensitive magnets that are triggered when a shock or vibration is strong enough to disrupt the magnetic attraction. The magnets are forced out of alignment, clearly indicating that an impact has occurred and from which direction.
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Typical Applications

The MAG 2000 is mostly used during the transportation of fragile or expensive cargo to encourage better handling throughout its journey and in storage. Use the selection guide to determine a MAG 2000 sensitivity. Determine if the product has low, average or a high level of fragility. Choose the G level in the fragility range based upon the cubic footage and weight of the product being monitored.

The MAG 2000 impact indicator is widely used on rail cars and trucking fleets to monitor for excessive impacts during humping or latching.


Low Fragility Zone: Applicable in situations where both visible and hidden damage is possible, and a single extreme impact will cause damage to product. Pertains to products transported via a variety of modes.

Average Fragility Zone: Applicable in situations where there is a moderate degree of stability and survivability built into the product, and where a standard mode of transportation is used.

High Fragility Zone: Applicable in situations where hidden damage is the key concern. Typically, these products will be constructed of low-tolerance components, such as data storage drives, optical lenses or any other products that require precise alignment.

3 different response orientations: HH (senses horizontal impacts and is mounted on a horizontal surface), VV (senses vertical impacts and is mounted on a vertical surface), VH (senses horizontal impacts but is mounted on a vertical surface).


  • Sensitivity range: 0.5 - 20G
  • Impact duration: 0.5 - 50ms
  • Tolerance: ±10% at 20ËšC/68ËšF, 1 ATM
  • Operating temperature: -20ËšC to 60ËšC/-4ËšF to 140ËšF
  • Dimensions: 2.5" x 2.4" x 0.79" / 63.50mm x 60.96mm x 20.00mm
  • Adhesive: Acrylic
  • Shelf life: 2 years when stored at 20ËšC/68ËšF, 1 ATM