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Tray Sealer, Food Vacuum Packaging Machine

CiMa-Pak Corporation's main focus is distributing quality packaging equipment to niche markets in the food industry, the direct mail and printing industry. We offer Shrink Wrapping equipment, Tray Sealing equipment, A-PET and C-PET Trays, Vacuum Chambers and Vacuum Bags as well as Polybag equipment and Heat Sealers. Our collective experience and ability to innovate helps meet many different packaging applications.

Our Products
C-PET/ A-PET Trays, HMR Tray Solutions, 1,2,3 Compartment Trays, 100% Recyclable Trays Shrink Wrapping, One Step Shrink Wrapper, L-Bar Shrink Wrapping, Manual and Fully Automatic Shrink Wrapping, Integrated Shrink Wrapper, Chamber Shrink Wrappers
Tray Sealers, Table Top Tray Sealers, Easy Tray Sealing, Die Cut Tray Sealer, Manual Tray Sealer, MAP Tray Sealing, Vacuum Tray Sealing Polybagging, One-Step Polybagging, Automatic Polybagging, Shrink Poly, Polyethylene Film
Vacuum Chambers, Sous Vide, Tabletop Vacuum Chambers, Swing Lid Vacuum Chambers Heat Sealers, Impulse Heat Sealers, Constant Heat Sealers, Manual Heat Sealers, Pneumatic Heat Sealers
Protective Packaging Paper Counters