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Our Environmental Approach

All Cima-Pak trays are recyclable

Recycled and recycleable

At CiMa-Pak, we believe in being green.

Over the past few years, packaging has received a bad reputation for having a negative environmental impact, but at CiMa-Pak, we are proud to say that all of our packaging solutions are environmentally friendly.

We have done our research by looking into the new biodegradable products that are coming to market, and we have concluded that our 100% recyclable products are the best solutions to not harm our environment. Our tests show that adding an agent to make our films biodegradable is more harmful than simply recycling them. Also, the decomposition facilities for biodegradable products are rare, especially in residential areas where most end users are located. For this reason, everything from our C-Pet and A-Pet trays to our CiMagik and CiMail film is 100% recyclable.

Our USPS approved CiMail film, for example, is made from all new materials. However, the production facility recycles 100% of their own waste, and they are constantly regrinding and re-pelletizing the unusable film in order to reuse it in other films and markers where recycles materials are acceptable.

Please feel free to ask us any and all of your questions regarding your new environmentally friendly packaging system.