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Browse our selection of Shrink Film

CiMa-Pak offers a selection of sealing film that function with all of our machines and that are sure to satisfy your demands when it comes to the packaging of your various products.
CiMagik Shrink Film

Our shrink film has unique technical properties which allows it to give excellent results on manual one step to automatic high speed machines.

  • High performance and productivity with outstanding yield
  • Low temperatures and less energy with high shrinkage
  • Fast sealing and hot tack
Tray Sealing/Lidding Film

CiMa-Pak approaches tray lidding film with a unique viewpoint. We make every effort to supply trays and film that are compatible. Sealing a tray with a lidding film prolongs the shelf life of the food, ensures no leaking on the way home and seals each compartment separately from the other. Lidding film is less expensive than the clear APET lids. Our representative will be happy to discuss with you the possible tray sealing film solutions to provide you with the best complete package.