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 Hand Rotary Heat Sealer

The Hand Rotary Heat Sealer is a portable, lightweight heat sealer ideal for sealing thick materials such as Military specified laminates. The Hand Rotary sealer can seal any length of material and it provides convenient and versatile sealing of bulky packages.

Model F: Flat seal Model G: Bead and Groove

Top mounted handle Adjustable temperature from 200ËšF to 550ËšF (93ËšC à 288ËšC) Teflon coating on preheater bars and pressure rolls (Model F only) Pressure roll adjustment knob Pilot light

Poly Jaw Heat Sealer

The Poly Jaw Sealer is a dependable, easy-to-use, constant heat jaw-type sealer operated by a foot-pedal.

The sealer is designed for use on heat sealable materials up to 8 mils thick, including polyethylene and similar plastic bag materials. A Teflon® impregnated surface between the sealing bars prevents film materials from sticking.

The machine's adjustable thermostat permits accurate temperature control, further assuring superior seal integrity

Thermo Jaw Heat Sealer

The Thermo Jaw Sealer is an economical, easy-to-use constant heat jaw-type sealer operated by foot-pedal.

Output: 10-12 bags/minute Seal length: 12" or 15" (305mm or 380mm)

Heavy-duty heating elements and half brass sealing bars in the upper and lower jaws provide uniform and sufficient penetration to achieve a high quality, airtight seal. The machine's adjustable thermostat permits accurate temperature control, further assuring superior seal integrity.

 BandRite 6000 Band Sealer

The BandRite 6000 is a multi-purpose band sealer used for both polyethylene and barrier film applications. Units are used in production line applications, usually sold with a conveyor. Bags are guided through the machine by neoprene conveying belts and sealing is accomplished by the material passing through two 10" heated bars separated by Teflon sealing bands.

  • Can be used in a vertical or horizontal position
  • Teflon fabric bands
  • Heating section: 1 pair of 10" bars
  • Cooling section: 1 pair of 8" bars, adjustable
  • Adjust to height floor stand

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