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About Cima-Pak

Environmental trays

Cima-Pak is your food-packaging solution

Extending shelf-life, enhance presenation and so much more

Packaging is a huge industry. Almost everything is packaged. Packaging is used to protect, preserve, present, portion, bundle and transport any product for safe arrival at its final destination. The presentation of your product will help to sell it. Packaging sells!

The principals of CiMa-Pak Corporation founded the company with their focus being a few niche markets and to become specialist in these markets. Having been actively involved in the packaging arena since 1999, there has been a significant level of expertise acquired.

CiMa-Pak is known for the high quality of products offered and more importantly the service extended to its customers. Our objective is to be the one stop solution provider for your packaging project by offering several solutions to choose from that best help to achieve your goals.

Packaging of prepared foods using our full system of trays, film and tray sealers.

Packaging to preserve foods and other items through vacuum packaging.

Packaging to bundle and protect and render tamper evident through shrinkwrapping.

Safe transport of your products using the Shockwatch impact indicating systems and vapour barrier bags made to measure.

CiMa-Pak is always ready to assist you!