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Custom solutions for new restaurant norms

Turnkey food packaging solutions for food delivery, take-out and grab & go

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Food packaging equipment and trays for delivery, take-out and grab & go

With this new age of COVID then restaurants are reinventing themselves to focus on online take out and home meal deliveries.

The outstanding features of our systems are:

Choose the best food tray system for you:
  • Up to 100 trays/day
    Ideal for smaller sized/low volume restaurants/grocers
  • CiMicro Tray sealer.
  • CiMicro Kit
    • 2 Cases of trays (1 tray option)
    • 1 roll of film
  • 500-600 meals/day
    Ideal for smaller sized/low volume restaurants/grocers
  • Manual tray sealer for sealing lidding film onto CPET and APET trays.
  • Compact Model II
    • 5 Cases of trays (2 tray option)
    • 2 Rolls of film
  • 500-600 large meals/day
    Ideal for small/medium sized restaurants/grocers
  • Manual tray sealer for sealing lidding film onto CPET and APET trays.
  • Compact Model III
    • 5 Cases of trays (2 tray option)
    • 2 Rolls of film

Delivery, takeout and grab & go food trays collection:

Choose from dozens of trays included with these packages:

2171 Series Food Tray for Restaurants

2171 series trays

  • Includes 1 and 2 compartment varieties
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2200 Series Food Tray for Restaurants

2227 series trays

  • Includes 1, 2, and 3 compartment varieties
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2227 Series Food Tray for Restaurants

2325 series trays

  • Includes our largest 1 compartment varieties
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Yes, our Evolve line of food trays is not only Eco Friendly but works at reducing plastic waste in the environment. We work with circular sustainability described below: our food trays use circular and linear sustainability
Our recyclable trays are made from recycled PET. Otherwise known as water bottles, etc.
We have a tray type, shape, size for every application. From small, indivdiual one-item servings to multi-compartment trays, to large catering sized portions for events. Search through hundreds of our tray options.
Yes, all of the CiMa-Pak trays can be reheated in a microwave but more importantly, they also can be reheated in a conventional oven up to 380 degrees F.

Ensuring food safety is critical for restaurants because it is directly proportional to their business operations’ success. Choosing the suitable material or packaging is essential because it protects your food products from damage and prevents the risk of waste.

At CiMa-Pak, we provide premium-quality and safe packaging solutions for restaurants, cafes, and relevant businesses. The purpose is to match every restaurant’s needs while complying with the food safety regulations. Bear in mind that food safety is a prerequisite for quality meal products.

We offer premium-quality CPET and APET food containers and trays. CPET has excellent protective properties that ensure the food is safe and fresh. When using CiMa-Pak’s CPET trays, available in different sizes and shapes, you can maintain your food integrity and meet consumers’ expectations for health and safety.

CiMa-Pak’s food packaging solutions meet the highest standards of temperature and retain their shape at high temperatures, keeping the food fresh and safe for a prolonged period. Without compromising safety and other functional properties, you can CPET trays in microwaves, ovens, freezers, etc.

When packing food for takeout, keep it hot from the time you prepare it to when the customer receives it. Keeping the food hot for freshness, safety, and customers satisfaction is crucial.

For instance, you can package your food and keep it in an optimal condition, such as under a warming lamp, until your staff or customers pick it up. Bear in mind that the less ready meals spend sitting around, the more they will remain fresh.

In addition, use CiMa-Pak’s superior-quality and safe containers to pack the food. Make sure you choose an appropriately sized container to get the job done adequately without issues.

Next, use one of CiMa-Pak’s sealing machines to seal the lids and secure the packaging. That way, you can prevent transports messes or issues.

When customers receive a soggy mess of a meal, it runs their takeout experience. Therefore, it is crucial to avoid mushy food, greasy and spilly boxes/containers, and packaged foods, such as dressed salads, risotto, pasta, etc.

In addition, choose the right-sized CiMa-Pak packaging solution to prevent dry food from sliding into the box.

So, when you take care of the food’s freshness, it maintains the deliciousness, flavor, and taste, allowing customers to satisfy their tastebuds. We recommend using insulating packaging solutions like foil bags to preserve meals’ integrity and safety.

Food packaging is crucial because it grabs the customers’ attention and creates a reliable brand perception. The primary purpose of food delivery packing is to prevent food from getting contaminations, maintain optimal temperature levels, and protect it from spilling.

Packaging upholds the food’s quality and standard, improving customers’ overall satisfaction. For instance, CiMa-Pak’s trays and sealing machines for packaging can prevent food from spilling and ensure its freshness. Remember that a messy and smelly food package ruins the

customer’s appetite. CiMa-Pak has a saying that the "First Bite is with Your Eyes".

It creates a bad impression and negatively affects your brand. So, if you are running a delivery business, your packaging method and management plays a critical role in preserving food standard and quality. The purpose is to avoid leakages, spillages, and wastage.

Generally, packaging costs depend on various factors, including material, size, shape, quality, labor, etc.

The primary goal is to maintain product quality and ensure repeat business, improving their business’s bottom line. Packaging decisions vary based on each restaurant’s concept and budget.

So, there is nothing like a “one size fits all” method or solution. However, it is crucial to consider crucial factors when investing in food packaging solutions. So, the amount of money restaurants spends on packaging depends on their specific goals.

Food delivery is an excellent option for people to avoid hassle and receive their favorite food items at their doorsteps. However, consumers expect a high standard and quality of food.

Restaurants that know how to maintain the quality of food and packaging streamline their business operations, maintain a competitive edge in the market, and increase their revenues. Here are the best types of food containers to use for delivery.

CPET trays have quickly gained popularity in recent years. CiMa-Pak offers CPET trays in various shapes and sizes, including one, two, and three compartments trays, allowing restaurants to make the most out of their takeaway packaging.

CPET trays offered by CiMa-Pak are eco-friendly, sustainable, and suitable for -40 to 200 degrees Celsius. You can even reheat them in a conventional oven or microwave without affecting the food’s quality.

Evolve Trays are a perfect solution for restaurants to streamline their delivery operations. These trays are a masterpiece by CiMa-Pak and are available in different shapes, sizes, and configurations.

CiMa-Pak has made substantial efforts to use environmentally friendly materials to reduce the carbon footprint and maintain sustainability. Evolve trays are suitable for reheating in the oven and microwave and perfect for frozen, fresh, and prepared food. We offer "Evolve Trays" that work well with sealing machines.

Recyclable plastic containers are a perfect solution for restaurants to maintain food temperature and freshness. CiMa-Pak’s CPET and APET plastic takeout containers are suitable for use in a microwave and oven. You can choose from different styles, sizes, and shapes.