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Thermo Jaw Heat Sealer

The Thermo Jaw Sealer is an economical, easy-to-use constant heat jaw-type sealer operated by foot-pedal.

Output: 10-12 bags/minute
Seal length: 12" or 15" (305mm or 380mm)

Heavy-duty heating elements and half brass sealing bars in the upper and lower jaws provide uniform and sufficient penetration to achieve a high quality, airtight seal. The machine's adjustable thermostat permits accurate temperature control, further assuring superior seal integrity.

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Typical Applications

The sealer is designed for use on a wide variety of heat-sealable materials, including cellophane, polycel, glassine, laminates, polypropylene, krafts, foils and even Military specified materials.

To seal polyethylene, please see our Poly Jaw Heat Sealer.


- Seal lengths of 12 or 15 inches (305mm or 380mm)
- Universal stand of powder coated metal
- Embossed code dating bars
- 1/4" (6mm) hole punch
- Vertical and incline mounting
- Voltage: 220V
- 3 sealing impressions available: flat seal, vertical crimp and horizontal crimp


- Seal length: 12" and 15" (305mm and 380mm)
- Seal width: 1" (24mm)
- Sealing capacity: 0mil to 8mil
- Output: 10-12 bags per min.
- Temperature range: Up to 290ËšC / 550ËšF
- Voltage (standard): 110V
- Machine dimensions: 16" x 16" x 6" (405mm x 405mm x 152mm)
- Weight: 23lbs (10.4 kg)