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CiMotion Versatile Tabletop Tray Sealer

The CiMotion is truly a tray sealing system like no other. Do not let its small size fool you. The CiMotion is designed to produce meal trays and can be placed even in the smallest of facilities. The CiMotion runs on 110V which adds to its versatility. But the real feature that puts our CiMotion into its' own category is the fact that it has Gas Flush capabilities.

All controls are located at the front of the CiMotion and the touch panel provides easy access to the sealing parameters, take-away food tray selection, and tool change. Our temperature controller individually controls the temperature of each sealing element thus creating the optimal sealing environment.

The real beauty of the CiMotion is the turntable operation. While one meal tray is being sealed another new tray is being loaded onto the turntable which is then rotated into the sealing chamber. This feature allows one operator as close to continuous operation as possible.

Tool changes from one tray style to another are quick and easy. Convenient access from the front allows the operator to make the switch in less than 5 minutes.

Trays that work with our CiMotion:

Rectangular: 1171 - 2171 - 2187 - 2200 - 2220 - 2208 - 2227 Circular: 0080 - 0095 - 0123 - 0124 - 0126 - 0160 Special: 0503 - 1085 - 2182 - CP4S

Rectangular traysTray 1171Tray 2171Tray 2187Tray 2200Tray 2220Tray 2208Tray 2227
Trays per tool2 trays2 trays2 trays1 trays1 trays1 trays1 trays
Film width240240240210190210240
Circular traysTray 0080Tray 0095Tray 0123Tray 0124Tray 0126Tray 0160
Trays per tool6 trays3 trays2 trays2 trays2 trays1 trays
Film width240130190190190210
Special traysTray 0503Tray 1085Tray 2182Tray CP4S
Trays per tool2 trays-2 trays1 trays
Film width240-240160

Incorporated safety features:

  • Low compressed air supply alert
  • Easily accessible power switch and E-Stop
  • 2 button operation assures that operator’s hands are safe
  • Position detector to ensure proper tray position before sealing
  • Tamper proof panel/cover detector

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L x W x D: 28” x 24” x 25” Weight: 170 lbs. Power: 110V Air: Min. 90 PSI Certification: ETL

Common questions and answers

How large is the CiMotion?
The dimensions are 28" x 24" x 25" high and the CiMotion Tabletop fits really nice on a counter.

How fast is the CiMotion?
The CiMotion is really fast. If you watch the video while Sonja is packaging you will really see the speed. Remember Sonja is presenting while she is doing the packaging and even so her speed is really quick.

Is the CiMotion capable of sealing more than one tray at a time?
The video shows only one meal tray being sealed at a time, the 2227 series tray. However, with a smaller tray like the 2171 series takeaway containers, you can seal two trays per cycle. And, if you look at our 0080 bowls you will be able to seal four of the bowls per cycle.