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CiMa-Pak Happy Customer

Posted: Tuesday, June 20, 2017 - 4:33AM

At CiMa-Pak we enjoy seeing you, the...

At CiMa-Pak we enjoy seeing you, the customers, happy with the trays and tray sealers that you have purchased from us.

Recently, we spotted our Compact Model II Tray Sealer in action at Pusateri’s Flagship location on Avenue Road in Toronto. They were sealing some of our CPET trays containing Pukka’s delicious Indian food at the Grab & Go counter.

Take-away meals is just one of the many applications that our customers use their CiMa-Pak trays and tray sealers for. All of your targets can be achieved when dealing with CiMa-Pak. We can help you get the look, taste and shelf-life that you require.
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