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The New Pizza Box!

Posted: Monday, December 4, 2017 - 12:00PM

The new “Pizza Box” packaging offers new opportunities for pizzerias and grocery stores, as they will now be able to offer “cooked” and “ready to cook” pizzas by home and deliver. This leaving the consumer to decide when to reheat or cook their pizza.

The “Pizza Box” CPET tray offers many advantages to both producers and consumers. Uncooked pizzas can be prepared and packed into the “Pizza Box” for cooking later by the consumer. Cooked pizzas can also be taken from the oven, from either the Supermarket or Take-Out Pizza outlet, and be packed into the “Pizza Box” for safe transit and consumer heating.

CPET makes cooking and reheating possible because it has a partially crystalline structure, which retains its shape at high temperatures.

THE PIZZA BAR Have you wanted to be your own Pizza Chef? Decide exactly what you want to go on your pizza – how much or how little sauce, double cheese, heavy on the pepperoni, how crispy? Salad bars have become customary necessities in most grocery stores across North America, but why not the idea of a pizza bar? Let the consumer decide how their pizza is dressed at the store and then cook it from the comfort of their own home when they would like. The “Pizza Box” allows for this innovative idea to become a reality.

Pizza Box Ready to Cook takeaway container

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