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Sustainability. Compostable .vs. CPET

Knowledge is Power: How does sustainability work in food packaging?

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Food Packaging

CiMa-Pak inventories an impressive selection of CPET, Compostable and APET trays with a variety of shapes, number of compartments and sizes that are sure to satisfy any to-go container requirements. The dual-ovenable CPET and Compostable Trays are an ideal food packaging containers for ready meals as they can be heated in...
CiMa-Pak offers a wide variety of CPET black plastic meal prep containers. With different tray dimensions and number of compartments, we have the food packaging supplies that you're looking for.
This is where you can find that particular CPET, Evolve or APET tray that will help in making your products stand out. When it comes to CPET trays, dual-ovenable trays, Evolve trays, APET trays or food packaging containers, CiMa-Pak is here to help. Enter the specifications of your search in the spaces provided in order to...
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Whether you are a food processing facility, a grocery store with speciality foods, a personal chef, or a restaurant with a takeaway menu, the models of tray sealing machines found here are by far our most popular. Using these meal packaging machines for sealing either CPET, APET or PP food trays will certainly make your...
This shows 3 tray sealers for the section picture.  All can be used to seal CPET and APET trays.
Die cut tray sealers are the ideal choice for sealing differently sized and shaped meal trays where cutting the film to the contour is preferred. With these machines, the option is available to leave a pull tab for easy opening, a feature that will give your product the professional, clean-cut look you've always...
Our full line of conveyor and rotary tray sealer machines will definitely increase your throughput. We have automatic tray sealers with or without die-cut as well as with or without modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) capabilities. If production numbers and enhanced appearance of your CPET, APET or PP trays are what you...
The CiMatic is a meal tray sealing machine that is automatic and made for speeds of 20 food trays per minute. It is the ideal option for sealing CPET oven safe plastic food containers. Meal prep containers are easy to seal with this affordable machine!
This section shows our Tray Skin Packaging Systems. We are currently working on a new Tray Skin Oven Packaging process.
This is a photo of a typical tray skin packaging application.
Vacuum packaging removes the air (oxygen) from the bag prior to sealing it closed. Vacuum packaging in bags is used to... • Preserve foods longer • Save space during storage and transportation costs • Marinate meats in a shorter time • Retain flavour and moisture when cooking in the bag •...
CiMa-Pak's vacuum tray sealer machines with gas injection, also known at MAP tray sealing, are optimal for prolonged shelf life and superb presentation. From tabletop systems to fully automatic lines, we have the very best in selection when it comes to modified atmosphere packaging of CPET, APET and PP trays. ...
This is our biggest skin packaging machines for large amounts of trays. This food sealing machine can also be used in sealing only modes or as a modified atmosphere packaging machine (MAP packaging, meal vacuum packaging).
Our most popular and highest sought after vacuum chambers are our Tabletop Vacuum Chambers. Being digitally controlled, 110/120 Volt, these small footprint systems allow a kitchen or a deli to be able to vacuum pack products with a minimal amount of installation but with a maximal amount of programming flexibility.
Favola 25 Tabletop Vacuum Chamber.
Our continuous development guarantees you of the most advanced technologies seen in Vacuum Chambers. Our floor models are supplied on casters for easy mobility and the a large chamber allows multiple bags to be packaged at once.
With continuous development of unique innovative features in combination with advanced technologies, we guarantee that our Double Chamber Vacuum systems will provide you with the optimal packaging result for your production application, be it of food and non-food products.
Looking for guidance on which food packaging machine is right for you? You can now get help in choosing the right one! Simply, enter your parameters to see which machine best fit your meal packaging needs. You can also save these machines to come back to them later.
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