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SR 430 Manual Die-Cut Food Tray Sealer

The CiMa-Pak manual tabletop food tray sealer machine Model SR430 with die cut is ideal for any plastic or paper tray shapes where cutting the film to the contour of the tray is preferred. Depending upon their size, you can seal and diecut the lidding film of one, two, three, or four trays or bowls per cycle with ease.

The innovative features of the design have allowed us to offer you a robust meal packaging machine that is easy to use. Particular attention has been paid to hygiene and to safety: the film is automatically fed forward by closing the tray drawer to avoid contact between operator’s hands and the film. The sealing of disposable food containers, such as CPET, APET, PP or biodegradable/compostable paperboard is easily, safely and hygienically accomplished.

The sealing plate is also coated with Teflon so as not to adhere to the lidding film. A position sensor prevents the sealing plate from being lowered if the package container is not in the right position.


Typical Applications

The SR 430 Manual Die Cut Food Tray Sealer Machine is the answer to most applications where you need a reliable and cost effective tray sealer for a single style of meal tray. All Die Cut Food Tray Sealers will give your trays a clean and presentable look. Within minutes you are up and running with your new food sealer.

Place the disposable food containers into the tray mould and push the drawer into the sealer. This draws the film onto the trays. Pull down the lever to activate the seal heat and pressure. Time is decided by the operator.

Ideal for:
• Kosher meals (Ask about our double packaging)
• Salads or vegetable combinations
• Prepared meals and take away trays for display in grocery or specialty stores
• Catering
• Bulk packaging of food items such as pizzas, waffle dough, etc.
• Retail packaging

* Reheating prepared meals sealed in CPET trays is possible in the microwave or conventional oven.


• Universal sealing plate for more versatility without diecutting the film
• Higher structures to seal trays up to a height of 185 mm.
• Special moulds to seal pre-cut lids.


• Maximum tray height: 4.5 inches (115mm)
• Maximum tray length x width:
Sealing 1 at a time: 15.3" x 10.4” (390 x 265mm)
Sealing 2 at a time: 7.5" x 10.4” (192 x 265mm)
Sealing 4 at a time: 7.5" x 5.1” (192 x 130mm)
Sealing 6 at a time: 4.9" x 5.1” (126 x 130mm)
• Single roll holder
• Maximum roll width: 15.75" (400 mm)
• Cycle time: 6 seconds
• Voltage: 220V
• Machine dimensions: 20.4 x 23.6 x 19.6" (520 x 600 x 500mm)
• Weight: 77 lbs (34.9 kg)
• No compressor required

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