APET Trays

APET trays are perfect for packaging and displaying fresh salads, wraps, seafood and desserts (cold foods). The APET materials' high clarity enhances the presentation of the product. You can top seal the tray with anti fog film for an airtight, leak-proof container or cover it with our crystal clear lids. Visit our tray sealer machine section for a large selection of tray sealing options.

Features to consider:
• Suitable for temperatures between -40°C and 60°C
• Ideally suited for display
• Sealable with showcase lids or clear film
• Sealable under modified atmosphere packaging (MAP)
• Easy to open
• Sealed trays are 100% leak proof
• Recyclable
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Typical Applications

- Ideal for cold foods that are fresh, frozen or prepared.
- Wholesale or retail, deli or restaurant for take out or take home.


- Many styles of APET food trays are available from CiMa-Pak
- Stock line where minimum order is 1 box.
- High volume line where minimum order varies from 10,000 and up depending up the tray.


A wide variety of sizes and styles of APET trays are available here at CiMa-Pak. Visit the CPET and APET Tray Search section of our website for more information.