Transparent Showcase Lids

A-Pet transparent lids are perfect for packaging and displaying fresh salads, wraps, seafood and desserts. The A-Pet materials' high clarity enhances the presentation of the product. Place the lid over the sealed tray for a leak-proof and enhanced presentation. The lid allows for re-closing the tray of unconsumed portions.

Features to be considered:
• Suitable for temperatures between -40° C and 60° C
• Idealy suited for crystal clear display
• Easy to open and close
• 100% Recyclable
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Typical Applications

Once you have sealed your tray, you can either place a lid on top or place the tray inside a printed sleeve.


We have lids in either a high profile for low profile format.


Crystal clear A-Pet lids for all of our 2227 model trays 9" x 7".