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Whether you are a food processing facility, a grocery store with speciality foods, a personal chef, or a restaurant with a takeaway menu, the models of tray sealing machines found here are by far our most popular. Using these meal packaging machines for sealing either CPET, APET or PP food trays will certainly make your task much easier and assure your customers that you are a viable solution to their quest for a healthy meal choice. These tray sealer machines are complete and ready to seal your selected food packaging containers, all while giving you the professional look that you've always wanted. Our food packaging containers will make a perfect matche for your delicious product.

If you are looking at packaging food or ready-to-eat meals into a CPET, APET or PP tray, then we are the go-to people. We have the trays (dual ovenable CPET or APET), the tray sealers (manual, automated, MAP) the film and the experience. It is just that simple!
Starting From: $1,950.00
The professional product presentation you've always wanted is achieved with an affordable packaging solution ideal for new operations or low volume enterprises. The CiMicro Starter kit is the perfect tray sealing machine for personal chefs, test kitchens and start-up businesses. This meal packaging system allows for...
Glamour shot of the CiMicro Tray sealer in its new format.
Starting From: $4,200.00
The CLASSIC model food tray sealer is an ideal option for packaging both cold and warm meals in either APET or CPET trays. If your tray selection requires only one width of sealing film then this is the sealer to choose. Each compartment of a the food tray is sealed separately with the CLASSIC tray sealer so you can be...
This is the Classic tray sealer used to seal CPET and other trays.
Starting From: $4,400.00
The COMPACT MODEL II food tray sealer is an ideal option for packaging both cold and warm meals in either APET or CPET plastic to-go containers. If the food tray styles that you want to use require two different widths of film, this is the tray sealer to choose. Each compartment of the meal container is sealed separately...
Manual tray sealer for sealing lidding film onto CPET and APET trays.
Starting From: $5,800.00
The COMPACT MODEL III manual food tray sealer is an ideal option for packaging both cold and warm meals in either APET or CPET food trays. If the food tray styles that you want to package require three different widths of film (from food service size down to airline-sized meals), the COMPACT MODEL III is the food tray...
This is a picture of our Model III Tray Sealer for CPET and APET trays.
This semi-automatic tray sealing machine is a tabletop model with die cut features. Very compact, the RAPIDA PLUS is a drawer style food tray sealer that seals and cuts the film around the food tray with a pneumatic piston. As you push in the drawer holding your meal-filled trays, the sealing film is automatically drawn...
Rapida Plus Die-Cut Tray Sealer
The CiMatic Tray Sealing Machine has been designed to offer customers an automated system at an affordable price. The goal is to seal ready meal trays fast and effectively at speeds up to 20 per minute. Tell us which food trays best suit your application from our selection below and we will set the temperature,...
The CiMatic is a meal tray sealing machine that is automatic and made for speeds of 20 food trays per minute. It is the ideal option for sealing CPET oven safe plastic food containers. Meal prep containers are easy to seal with this affordable machine!