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CiMa-Pak offers a selection of sealing film and vacuum bags that function with all of our machines and that are sure to satisfy your demands when it comes to the packaging of your various products.
Our shrink film has unique technical properties which allows it to give excellent results on manual one step to automatic high speed machines. - High performance and productivity with outstanding yield - Low temperatures and less energy with high shrinkage - Fast sealing and hot tack
CiMagik Shrink Film
CiMail Film will cut your costs by providing a reliable seal without pushing your machine to its limits. CiMail is a low static, low friction USPS approved polybagging film for direct mail. It is designed to work easily and smoothly with our Mailbag and Continua Plexi polybagging machines. As an added bonus the ultra...
CiMail Polybag Film
Vacuum packaging is still one of the most efficient methods to preserve food products.Ensure that you are getting all of the advantages of your vacuum machinery by using quality CiMa-Pak vacuum bags available for your specific needs. • Available in different thicknesses • Specific bags designed for specific...
Vacuum Packaging Bags
CiMa-Pak has the answer to your specific dietary packaging requirements with our CiMa-HiHeat resistant bags. Typically Kosher meals that will be served/reheated in a non Kosher kitchen have come overwrapped (creating a double wrap) to prevent any inadvertent contact with non kosher residual products. In the past foil has...
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