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Hand Rotary Heat Sealer

The Hand Rotary Heat Sealer is a portable, lightweight heat sealer ideal for sealing thick materials such as Military specified laminates. The Hand Rotary sealer can seal any length of material and it provides convenient and versatile sealing of bulky packages.

Model F: Flat seal
Model G: Bead and Groove

Top mounted handle
Adjustable temperature from 200ËšF to 550ËšF (93ËšC à 288ËšC)
Teflon coating on preheater bars and pressure rolls (Model F only)
Pressure roll adjustment knob
Pilot light

Typical Applications

Materials commonly sealed include heavy laminates, foils and MIL Spec materials. An operator can seal over splices and thick overlaps with no problem. Perfect for hemetically sealing closed vapour barrier bags manufactured by CiMa-Pak.


- Side carrying handle for two-handed use
- Conversion kit to change Model F (flat seal) sealer into a Model G (grooved seal) sealer
- Teflon® coat on preheater bars and pressure rollers


- Seal length: unlimited
- Seal width (standard): 1" (25mm)
- Voltage (standard): 110V
- Maximum sealing speed (on lighter materials): 400" (10160mm)/minute
- Temperature range: up to 550F/290C
- Machine dimensions: 15" x 6" x 8" (380mm x 152mm x 203mm)
- Shipping Weight: 7 lbs (3.2 lbs)

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