Pratika 56 MPE Reverse Inox

The Stainless Steel version of the PRATIKA 56 MPE automatic wrapping machine is intended for processing labs, food packaging facilities or pharmaceutical production.
In terms of design, the priority was focused on practicality: along with the material specifically designed for the food industry, the double hood allows for operation in both directions, from right to left and vice versa.
PRATIKA 56 MPE REVERSE INOX aims at meeting the needs of the market it is intended for as best as possible by offering high-tech and yet flexible solutions: everything is designed to achieve the highest speed and efficiency, with a huge benefit in terms of labour and packaging time.

- L sealing system
- Adjustable “Centre Sealing” device
- Electric power supply, no pneumatic connection needed
- 180-degree adjustable control panel.
- Schneider Electric M258 PLC with 256 customisable and named programs
- Colour touch-screen control panel, 5.7 inch, 10 languages
- 2 Dual Core microprocessors (like 4) 2 x 32 bit
- USB Communication interface
- Schneider Electric brushless motor Drive
- Signalling of roll and film opening roller positioning on the set product height
- Micro-perforation device with film tensioning adjustment
- Sealing bar opening defined by product height, which may be set on the touch-screen control panel
- Belt speed (infeed/outfeed) adjusted by programmable Schneider Electric inverter model Altivar
- Electronic port (infeed/outfeed) for interfacing with supplementary unloading and loading belts
- Standard belts compliant with the strictest regulations in force in the food sector (FDA) and completely antistatic
- Motorised trim rewinder
- Full waste rewinder warning
- Possibility to match a heat-shrink tunnel.
Ease of use:
- Lit working area
- Machine on adjustable wheels and feet
- Levelling spirit level
- Front and rear opening for easy access and servicing
- Personalised operator/maintenance technician utilisation mode
- Simple, operator-friendly graphics.
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Electrical power supply: 220-240 V
Phase: Single
MAX power installed: kW 3
Hourly output (based on the measurement of the product and the film used): p/h (pph) 0-3600
Available dimensions of the sealing bars: 23.625" X 15.750" (600 x 400 mm)
MAX product size (the maximum measurements cannot all be used at the same time): 23.625" X 15.750" X 9.50" (600 x 400 x 240 mm)
MAX OD Film unwind (diameter): 11.750" (300 mm)
Work surface height: 34" (870 mm.)
Machine dimensions (guards open): 98" x 72" x 77" (2480 x 1820 x 1960)
Machine dimensions (guards closed): 98" x 49" x 66" (2480 x 1240 x 1675)
Machine weight (Net/Gross): 1489/1790 lbs. (677/813 kg.)