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Notre Collection De Modèles Shockwatch

 Shockwatch Mag 2000
•The Shockwatch MAG 2000 impact indicator is a cost-efficient, reusable, resettable and tamper-proof device that monitors the handling of fragile goods and freight containers greater than 5000 lbs.

• Utilizes two highly sensitive magnets that are triggered when a shock or vibration is strong enough to disrupt the magnetic attraction. The magnets are forced out of alignment, clearly indicating that an impact has occurred and from which direction.

ShockWatch System
Try the systems approach to monitoring your shipments for impact, tilt or temperature excursions.

The objective: prevent damage through better handling. Saves money.

Serial numbers on the indicators provide tracking to eliminate tampering.

Include Alert Tape on the package

Use a Companion Label along with the indictor to make it more visible.

The Companion Label provides instructions to the receiver in English and French as to how to receive the product if the indicator has been tripped.

Handlers are unsure how much impact will activate the indicators and so are more careful.
ShockLog 298 Impact Recorder
Shocklog impact recorders continually monitor impact, events, vibrations, and internal temperature.

• Records the detailed impact curve of up to 870 events.

• Optional accessories or built-in features allow you to extend the measurement power of ShockLog 298 units. Measure external temperature, humidity, pressure, tilt, roll or GPS coordinates and tailor ShockLog to meet the requirements of your particular environment.