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TSP-4 High Speed Tray Sealer Seal Only

When it comes to tray sealers speed can be the ultimate deciding factor. If you have a production deadlines to meet then speed can make or break your contract. Single lane production means that your product travels through the MAP/sealing section onto the exit conveyor and then, if available through a metal detector and labeler into the pack out section.

The 10” Touch Screen permits the operator (separate login per operator) to easily recall a previously stored program (up to 29 programs) or change the existing parameters of the program which is running. This means that at the beginning of a production run you can run at a slower speed to ensure that everything is running correctly then ramp up the cycle speed.

Equally impressive is the fact that you can use printed film to an eyemark or clear film to a predetermined length. And speeds are impressive. The film unwind is driven which adds to the speed and accuracy of film placement.

Cycle Speed: 16 cycles/min.*

Tooling Set-Up: #2171 #2187 #2200 #2208 #2227 #2325

                       5 Trays	 5 Trays	 4 Trays	4 Trays   4 Trays   2 Trays

A few other nice features:

  • Integrated network connection
  • Detector for end of roll as well as a break in the film
  • Structure manufactured from AISI Type 304 Stainless
  • Software adaptable for additional peripherals i.e.: tray destacker, doser, labelers, and much more.
  • Pneumatic system by Festo
  • Electronic components such as: frequency inverter, drives, plc, and touch screen are all supplied by Schneider

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  • MAP
  • SKIN
  • Additional infeed conveyor
  • Tray destacker
  • Doser
  • Labelers
  • Additional outfeed conveyor
  • 400 Volt 3 Phase + N - 38 Amps


Length/Width/Height: 154” x 60” x 82” (3,922 x 1,540 x 2,057 mm) Weight: 5,500 lbs. (2,500 Kgs.) Pneumatics: 125 g/min – 85 PSI (480 l/min – 6 bar ) Electrical: 220-240 Volt 3 Phase - 32 Amps