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CiMatic II Automatic Tray Sealer - Extended

The CiMatic Tray Sealing Machine has been designed to offer customers an automated system at an affordable price. The goal is to seal ready meal trays fast and effectively at speeds up to 20 per minute.

Tell us which food trays best suit your application from our selection below and we will set the temperature, production speed and pressure so that all you have to do is turn on the CiMatic and allow it to heat up. This automatic food packaging machine does all the work for you. All you have to do is place your delicious meals onto the conveyor and the to-go containers will be hermetically sealed to ensure a leak-proof transportation of your product. The lidding film will be straight cut between each tray, giving your meal the product presentation you've always wanted.

The CiMatic meal packaging machine also allows for quick tray mold changes. This means that you can seal a variety of different styles and sizes of trays with this one food packing machine.

Watch the attached video to see the CiMatic in action and for a demonstration of the mold changes.

Unique features of the CiMatic :

  • Food trays are transported using single pallet design, no joints.
  • Changing from one tray size to another is easy.
  • Motor is 1/4 HP with inverter.
  • Jog conveyor backwards and forwards for easy set up
  • Aluminium - Stainless Steel Build
  • 2 Locking Castors
  • Working Height: 35i
  • Emergency STOP button on operator control panel – easily accessible from either side of the loading station
  • Safety guards are in place

The following parameters can be changed by the operator:

 - Temperature 
 - Sealing Pressure 
 - Conveyor speed 

Speed of sealing by tray series at a comfortable level for the operators.

 - 2171 Series - *20 Trays/min
 - 2187 Series - *20 Trays/min
 - 2208 Series - *14 Trays/min
 - 2227 Series - *15 Trays/min
  • The speed is adjustable by the operator

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Typical Applications

The CiMatic II Automatic Tray Sealer Machine is ideal for those situations where our manual tray sealing machines are just not fast enough. If you are a central kitchen, a meals on wheels kitchen or an airline meal preparation company where time is of the essence, then the CiMatic II Automatic Tray Sealer is the meal packaging system of choice. The CiMatic II Automatic Tray Sealer is a plug and play system which, as it is on casters, can be moved in and out of production as required.


Onboard Compressor


Machine Dimensions: 119" x 24" x 48" (3022 mm x 610 mm x 1219 mm) Output Speed: Max. 20 - 30 Cycles/minute with 2171 Series Trays Max Tray Height: Max: 3.15" (80mm) Max Tray Series: 2227 Series Film Width: 9.5" (245 mm) Power: 110/120 V 60 Hz. (8 a) Pneumatics: 85 PSI Weight: 285 lbs. (1151kg) This can be furnished by your existing plant air or by our Optional Air Compressor.


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