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CPET trays vs. Styrofoam Trays

Posted: Friday, August 11, 2017 - 12:00PM

Today an increasing number of food suppliers, restaurants, convenience stores, caterers and other food service suppliers find advantages when they switch from environmentally unsound Styrofoam (EPS) trays to CPET trays.

Choose CPET over Styrofoam

The Better Alternative:

CPET trays are a better choice for your packaging needs than Styrofoam. Lightweight and capable of serving either hot or cold food, the CPET food containers supplied by CiMa-Pak provide single or multi serving compartments. They are microwavable and ovenable up to 375 degrees, making them excellent containers for warming or re-heating hot meals.

CPET containers are a better alternative for food packaging and serving for anyone looking at updating their packaging. By using a tray sealing machine from CiMa-Pak the CPET trays are completely sealed making the tray leak proof.

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