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Introducing the CiMatic II Automatic Tray Sealer

Posted: Wednesday, May 16, 2018 - 9:00AM

Just in time for Spring, CiMa-Pak offers you a redesigned CiMatic II Tray Sealer. The CiMatic II Tray Sealer still seals your food trays at lightning speeds, while also ensuring they are leakproof and tamper evident, increasing the shelf life of your product. The CiMatic II Tray Sealer is loaded with easy to use features that make it the right choice for your busy production area.

The CiMatic II is the perfect solution for central kitchens who are looking to take their production to the next level. For 2018, the CiMatic II has a new slimmer profile, which allows the tray sealer to be used in even the smallest of kitchens and production areas. A new control panel allows loading from both sides of the unit. The heating unit has also been upgraded to allow a faster start up time for your production. The variable speed control is easy to access and at the turn of a dial, the unit can be set to the optimal speed. Easy to change pallets allow users to change tray styles easily. Within ten minutes the unit can be set to seal another style of food tray.

Watch the video to see how the versatility of the CiMatic II can benefit your business.