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CPET Trays Easily Replace Styrofoam

Posted: Wednesday, August 19, 2015 - 11:03AM

Today an increasing number of food suppliers, restaurants, convenience stores, caterers and other food service suppliers find advantages when they switch from environmentally unsound Styrofoam (EPS) trays to CPET trays. New York City recently joined a growing number of jurisdictions in banning the use of Styrofoam, also called "EPS" or Expandable Polystyrene Foam. The reason for these bans is that Styrofoam creates disposal problems in many locations because it does not recycle easily. As many New York restaurants and food service suppliers search for alternatives to EPS, more will discover the benefits of switching to recyclable CPET trays in their processes.

A Better Alternative: Fortunately, versatile CPET trays offer an excellent alternative for Styrofoam packaging. Lightweight, microwavable, and capable of serving either hot or cold food, the CPET food containers supplied by CiMa-Pak provide one, two or three separate serving compartments. Additionally, these tough trays can withstand temperatures of up to 375 degrees in a conventional oven, making them excellent containers for warming or re-heating hot meals. CPET containers also offer a better packaging alternative for anyone looking at modernising their packaging process. By using a tray sealing machine from CiMa-Pak the CPET trays are completely hermetically sealed. As an added bonus, any compartment within the trays are also sealed off from one another. The CPET trays will assist many businesses eager to supply customers with a convenient, durable and safe type of food container for their takeaway and HMR (Home Meal Replacement) programs.

CPET Containers: A solution for New Yorkers Tray sealers can easily seal a lidding film onto the CPET trays which may contain fresh or frozen prepared meals. Also, a full line of MAP tray sealers is available and allows for vacuum and gas packaging. This versatility is advantageous for businesses searching for safe, durable containers for a host of hot and cold food items. The New York law banning Styrofoam allows local businesses only a six month period to find an alternative, or fines apply. CiMa Pak's product line may hold the key for enabling these companies to comply rapidly with the new regulations.

No More Styrofoam