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How to maintain a Food PACKAGING MACHINE

Posted: Wednesday, August 22, 2018 - 12:00PM

The key to upholding production level is ensuring your equipment is properly maintained. Taking the time to perform routine maintenance will keep your machinery running at peak performance and will help you in preventing expensive production downtime. The tips below are taken from Food in Canada's May 2018 Issue.

  1. Stick to your preventative maintenance schedule. Do not skip it because the machine seems to be running normally;

  2. Combine your regular machine maintenance with other routine maintenance tasks. This will help you remember to do them;

  3. Consider your packaging machine provider as a partner in your production line. Keep them informed of machine changes, alerts, or anything out of the ordinary;

  4. Understand the specific parts which you need to keep in stock in order to perform regular maintenance and keep the production line running smoothly;

  5. Plan for the machine’s upgrading or eventual obsolescence. Nothing lasts forever. Plan for future upgrades or the need to invest in new equipment now, before you need it.

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