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Micro But Mighty

Posted: Tuesday, November 28, 2017 - 10:30AM

Are you looking to get your prep meal business up and running, but are having a hard time finding an economical packaging option? CiMa-Pak has the perfect solution for you…The CiMicro! The CiMicro is the perfect solution for personal chefs, test kitchens, and start-up businesses.

The CiMicro by CiMa-Pak allows you to seal 15 different styles of CiMa-Pak stock trays and all within a matter of seconds.

To help you get off and running, CiMa-Pak has designed the CiMicro Starter Kit which includes: • The CiMicro Tray Sealer • Two Cases of CPET or APET trays from the 2171, 2208, or 2208 stock trays • One roll of Film • One Sealing Frame

Watch the video below to see the CiMicro in action!

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