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The CiMa-Pak way: Giving a helping hand, while having fun

Posted: Monday, July 29, 2019 - 9:00AM

When it comes to helping the community CiMa-Pak is the front runner in helping which way we can. On June 17, 2019 we visited our friends at the Niagara Ina Gafton Gage Foundation (NIGG) to play and be one of the sponsors of a wholesome charity golfing tournament. We had the opportunity to play a rousing game of golf under the beautiful sun, while also helping in raising proceeds that went to improving the quality of life for seniors in the community.

This is CiMa-Pak’s second year sponsoring this extraordinary event and we are humbled to have an opportunity to assist the NIGG foundation in their mission to enhance the quality of life of seniors in their community. The NIGG foundation was formed in 2000 and is currently running two location in St. Catherine’s and Niagara-on-the-lake. The organization enhances the quality of life for seniors by providing exception living facilities that is not only a place to stay but is a place to call “home”.

For CiMa-Pak, business is more then just earning a dollar but to give back to the community in which we work in. People makes the world go around. Follow and like CiMa-Pak on our social media channels and see what other exciting events and activities the company has in store. The social media logos above will direct you straight to the platforms. Hope to see you at next year’s event.

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