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Packaging Your Ready To Eat Meals

Posted: Thursday, December 3, 2020 - 12:00PM

The first bite is with your eyes. It’s true, we usually don't eat things we find unattractive. Give your meals a makeover! Changes in lifestyle, eating patterns and demographics are creating new rules in consumer behaviour and preferences. Fresh and ready to eat meals offered by meal prep programs and local grocers across North America have seen a dramatic increase in demand by time-restricted consumers. As the demand increases, so does the need for smart and innovative packaging concepts for these meals. Today’s consumer looks for easy to use products that are appealing and nutritious.

At CiMa-Pak, our CPET trays are the perfect material for ready to eat meals. The material retains its shape at high temperatures and is offered with a wide temperature range from -40C to +220C (-40F to 430F). CPET is dual ovenable, allowing consumers to take their ready made meals, transfer them directly into their oven or microwave, and then straight to the table.

Reducing carbon footprints has become increasingly important to consumers when purchasing ready to eat meals. Our CPET and APET trays are made from up to 70% recycled plastic bottles, thus allowing consumers to feel good about their purchase and are recyclable.

With years of experience, CiMa-Pak assists from your initial idea through to the launch of your product. CiMa-Pak can help you narrow down your search in choosing from our vast selection of CPET trays and our wide range of tray sealing equipment. With the right packaging, you can elevate your finished product’s look increasing the appeal to your consumer.