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2187 Series CPET Food Trays

Posted: Monday, February 16, 2015 - 7:33AM

For take-away or delivery of smaller meals, the midsized CPET 2187 food tray brings the same quality material and design to a convenient new size. As a result, restaurant owners, specialized chefs and food processors can address new needs among their takeaway customers, while relying on the same quality materials and design. Beginning in the spring of 2015, the CPET containers will be available nationwide.

Our new 2187 line of mid-sized trays will make it possible to order the CPET Tray in four models: 2187-1l, 2187-1G, 2187-2B and 2187-2C. As an added bonus all four trays can be:

  a) Sealed with our lidding film using our manual tray sealers
  b) Covered with the 5187 lid in APET
  c) Sealed with lidding film and then have the lid placed on which, will lock in flavor and keeps the juiciest takeaway meals spill-proof, as always.

For restaurants specializing in take-away and delivery, the technology behind ovenable CPET containers is synonymous with quality. The dual ovenable tray simplifies the re-heating process for warming up leftovers. Most of all, by extending customers the option to do any reheating in a conventional oven as well as a microwave, the restaurant owner can underscore a commitment to both excellent cuisine and convenience.

With a smaller CPET food tray, chefs can cater to several valuable segments of their client base while also addressing growing demands in the take-away industry. The 2187 is ideal for diet-conscious customers, senior and children’s meals and side dishes. Plus, with the surge that our clients are seeing in “small plates” and tapas-style eating, the demand for smaller packaging is ever increasing. By using the container best scaled to each customer’s meal, chefs stand to conserve materials and costs, while enhancing the customer’s overall convenience. Smaller packaging means less to carry and less hassle for the customer. Plus, a well-filled container conveys an ample portion; “plate” the same amount of food in an excessively large container and it appear meager.

The robust materials of the CPET 2187 are ideally designed for takeaway, standing up well to transportation and stacking easily. However, they also serve as exceptionally high-quality containers when customers request a “doggie bag". The same dual ovenable tray makes it easier for patrons to enjoy the same top-quality flavor after reheating their leftovers.

The CPET 2187 container simply builds on the proven technology of CPET materials science, adapting its well-tested performance to a new size. CPET withstands temperatures between -40 and 400 degrees Fahrenheit. As a result, meals can be easily placed in the freezer, the microwave or the conventional oven. In addition, the material has been embraced by the food storage industry as a standard-bearer, standing up well to fats, oils and sugars. Finally, CPET combines a lightweight and slim profile with toughness. Unlike styrofoam or standard plastic-based trays, CPET trays will not break, even when loaded to the brim or stacked up for larger events.

2187 CPET Trays for the health conscious choice